Tarot Tuesday February 12th

Tarot Tuesday

Take a moment and take a deep breath. Get centered, and grounded, then pick a card. By get centered I mean to get calm, focused, and to be present in the moment.  By get grounded I mean to uncross your feet and arms, with feet flat on the floor. It is also beneficial if you can quickly imagine roots shooting down from your root Chakra and feet into the Earth. Allow these roots to anchor you in a supportive way that neutralizes negativity and draws up nurturing Earth energy for stability. Sometimes more than one deep breath is needed to feel ready. Often three nice, slow, deep breaths are just right. Do what feels best for you..

When you feel ready pick the card that you feel the most drawn to. This week the deck is the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck, from U.S. Games.  I have used crystals above each card and will include information on each in the mini-readings. From left to right the crystals that are above the cards as markers are Pietersite , Purpurite, and Chrysocolla.

The Reveal

From left to right we have Pietersite above the Six of Wands on the far left, Purpurite above the Page of Pentacles in the center, and Chrysocolla above the Queen of Swords on the far right. Take note of which card and crystal you were drawn to, and your first reaction to it. You can compare this initial intuition of yours with how you feel after you read the information in the mini-reading. Did the card you were drawn to make sense for you at this time? Did your initial reaction to the card prove to be aligned with the card interpretation? The more you pay attention to your own intuition and internal guidance system the stronger and more accurate they become.


Pietersite Crystal

Pietersite is known as the Tempest Stone. It can clear the emotional air like a thunderstorm is known to do leaving the aura and emotions feeling calm and renewed. It grounds physical energy centers to the etheric realm instead of to the Earth. It increases intuition, the use of the will, and the focus of one’s aim in life. It is also a powerful protective stone, especially against the elements, storms in particular. This crystal is also good for boosting confidence, creativity, and supports overcoming addictions. It is a blend of Tiger’s eye, Hawks eye, and Jasper with incredible chatoyancy (shimmery shine) that makes it seem to swirl like a storm brewing. It is a fairly recent discovery made by Sid Pieters in WIndhoek, Namibia. In divination this crystal means that you will see things in a new way, usually after something is brought to light.

Six of Wands

This card carries the energy of the planet Jupiter, and the sign Leo. Its modality is fixed and its element is fire.  The image on the card depicts a man on horseback with a laurel wreath not only on his head but also on the staff he holds. This card is considered a card of victory and success. Keywords include completion, success, reward, recognition, good news, and triumph. While the victory may be an internal one, it usually is one that will be recognized by those around you. You have summoned your inner fire of will and inspiration to win the day. The message of this card is that even if challenges are apparent you will overcome them.


The name Purpurite comes from the latin word “purpura” which means purple. Purpurite is a mineral phosphate and is what results in the oxidation of iron or manganese, or both, with a little leaching from lithiophilite. It is found in many places in the U.S., Portugal, France, Namibia, Australia, and Sweden. It helps with confidence, clear thinking, and ability to speak freely. This stone is also said to work with the crown chakra (and all the higher transpersonal chakras) to assist with spiritual connection and bring those healing energies down into the lower realms. This stone is helpful to those who do energy or oracle work, allowing clear communication and understanding of messages and the reading of energies. In divination this stone suggests that you be open for new ways to heal.

Page of Pentacles

This card is said to be Earth in the suit of Earth. It corresponds astrologically to Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.  It is the perpetual student, an idealist, perfectionist. This card can represent a young person, especially an Earth sign. Some keywords are alert, practical, optimistic, and willing to work hard, and open to learning things, so studious and diligent. When this card does not represent an actual person it often indicates messages, these could be spoken, written, or delivered via the Universe through signs. As an Earth sign these messages can often relate to our physical bodies, money and finances, or our environment.  The message this card holds this week is to be be alert for messages about healing. This healing could be around any or all of the topics above like education and study, our physical environment, bodies, or money and finances.


Chrysocolla Crystal

Chrysocolla is a copper stone often found growing with Azurite and Malachite, and sometimes contains Cuprite. It can be found in the form of Gem Sillica, a crystallized form where the Chrysocolla is fused with Quartz. It ranges in colors from blues to greens. This crystal is known as a stone of empowerment for feminine energies, a stone for wise women, and as a Goddess stone. It is also known as a crystal that encourages people to stay home and not feel negative effects from seclusion. A stone for monks, hermits, and even prisoners. Helpful for public speaking and teaching, for sharing your knowledge. It is associated with the throat chakra, and the heart chakra through its blue and green coloring. In divination this crystal may mean that you need to be generous or allowing with someone whom you don’t particularly like. It may call on you to be diplomatic or tactful with someone at this time.

Queen of Swords

This Minor Arcana court card is said to be Water in the suit of Air. This card also has an affinity for the astrological sign of Libra. A serious woman on a throne holding a sword in her right hand and raising her left hand toward an unseen subject. The element of Air rules thinking and intellect. This card usually represents a woman, often an Air sign. It is thought that she knows suffering and sometimes is said to represent a widow. In any case she is quick witted, and independent. The sword card also can represent writing, an on-line presence, handicrafts, and sometimes even a sharp tongue. Some keywords include independent, intellectual, witty, perceptive, feminist, justice, solutions, and accuracy. This card might represent a woman who is in or will enter your life, or it might even be you. The message of this card is to use some of the Venus ruled Libra energy to include grace and beauty in your expressions this week. Whether you are writing a blog, a manifesto, or even knitting a shawl, do it gracefully and beautifully.

I hope that you have enjoyed the mini-reading for the week, and found it helpful. If you have any questions, or would like to book a full personal reading please feel free to contact me at: april@lodestarphx




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