I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing, or intending to cause harm.

I will treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual preference.

I will honestly represent my Tarot, and all other qualifications, including educational credentials, levels of certification, and experience.

I will keep confidential the names of clients and all information shared or discussed during readings, sessions, or intake interviews, unless otherwise requested by the client, or required by a court of law.

I will recommend clients consult a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical, or psychological nature that I am not qualified to provide.

I will respect my clients right to refuse or terminate their reading or other work with me at any time, regardless of prior consent (payment will still fall within the boundaries of the cancellation policy).

I recognize that all A.T.A. members have the same rights and obligations, and I will always respect and honor my co-members.

I will respect myself and my own abilities by refusing to read for, or otherwise work with those who are not willing to work on themselves.

I will continue to pursue education in Tarot, Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Health and wellbeing, as well as any and all other occult and metaphysical subjects that will improve my ability to serve my clients.

These ethics are ethics all A.T.A. members hold, I have added my own additional inclusions to this basic code.  

As a way of serving the best interests of my clients I may refuse to read for you if I feel your behavior is addictive, I do not enable addiction to psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, etc. It is one thing to need more support when going through a rough patch, or working through an issue, but another thing entirely to become addictively dependent upon these services.

I will not read for anyone under 18 years old without their parent present.

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Disclosure Statement: A psychic tarot professional cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A tarot reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation. In certain jurisdictions, a tarot professional is required to disclose to you that tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof. Your tarot professional is bound by the preceding code of ethics.