what to expect

My approach to tarot is influenced by my Life Coaching training. I believe that you have all the answers inside of you already. So if something doesn’t ring true for you, or resonate, even after giving it some time to reflect upon it, or for circumstances to develop, then let that go. Use what is useful to you, and ignore the rest.

After payment is confirmed I will contact you at appointed time, either by phone number, Skype address, Instagram or Facebook account you have provided. To get the most out of your reading be ready with your question(s), and in a comfortable place, free of distractions and noise.

To ensure the best reading be prepared. Be in a comfortable, quiet place, without distractions. Have a pen and paper ready to note important insights and information. Show up on time, we are all busy, but if you are late this will cause you to lose time from your session. Have an open mind, be open to receive guidance. Doubt, skepticism and playing games (like making stuff up to see if I’ll catch it, or to make me prove how good I am) are not conducive to a good reading. Tarot reading is an energy exchange, and generally you will get out of a reading what you put into it, so it is a good idea to have good, honest intentions going in to assure the best energy flow.

Ask well thought out questions. Often in longer readings especially, the question will be touched upon or answered in the overview before you even get around to asking it. In shorter readings it is helpful to give the questions up front to ensure we get to them directly. Yes/no, will or won’t I, or should I type questions should be avoided. More open-ended questions like “What do I need to know about?” or “What do I need to know if I make this decision, or choose x,y, or z?”, even “How can I_?” is a better question than “Should I?” or “Can/Will I?”.

Is what you are expecting reasonable and realistic? I am psychic, but I am not a mind reader. At best psychics and tarot readers are about 80% accurate, no one is 100%. The cards, psychic impressions, and energy can be misinterpreted. It is not a perfect science, more of an art (like life), and art is subjective. The cards paint a picture of your story at the time of the reading. Showing where you’ve been, where you are, where you are likely heading, potentials, and pitfalls, as well as the most likely outcomes. You, and your decisions are still in control if you don’t like the picture. You can make changes. A different color palette, or a different perspective can completely change the picture. You are the artist, and can make the canvas of your life your masterpiece.