Are you ready for a change? Ready to take responsibility for yourself and your life? My custom-tailored hypnotherapy services may be for you. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. I am just guiding you through it. Hypnosis services are tailored for each individual with their specific goals in mind. Each session will work toward overcoming obstacles and creating the outcome that you desire. I will also be teaching you self-hypnosis so you can continue to reinforce any suggestions that we agree will help you achieve your goals.

IMPORTANT! After your purchase, please email me at: april@lodestarphx.com to schedule your session, and receive your welcome package. Thank you : )

Single Hypnosis Session, 45 minutes to an hour, Cost: $130.00.

Basic Hypnosis Session Package: Initial consultation and 3 Hypnosis sessions 45 minutes to an hour each, Cost: $390.00

Extended Hypnosis Session Package: Initial consultation and 6 Hypnosis sessions 45 minutes to an hour each, Cost: $780.00

Deep Dive Hypnosis Session Package: Initial consultation and 9 Hypnosis sessions 45 minutes to an hour each, Cost: $1,170.00

Single Past Life Regression Session, an hour and a half, Cost: $222.00

Past Life Regression Session Package: Initial consultation and 3 Regression sessions an hour and a half each, Cost:  $666.00

Our consultation is for deciding what your ideal outcome is, and getting to know what challenges need to be overcome to get there. After the initial consultation, any hypnosis sessions will be followed by a complimentary recording of the session, so you can increase the effectiveness of your session through repetition, providing you with lasting support whenever you feel like you need it. An average session will last 45 minutes to an hour.

Many different issues can be addressed with hypnosis. Hypnosis has been shown to be helpful with reducing stress, improving motivation, memory and all kinds of self-improvement; from sports performance to smoking cessation or the elimination of any other bad habits. Hypnosis has also been used to increase creativity, psychic ability, and spiritual connection, and even to recall past lives through a Past Life Regression. A past life regression will guide you into a past  life that has some importance or bearing on the life you are now living. What everyone experiences is different, but generally you will experience a string of memories, or visions of the past life, not unlike a highlight reel from a movie. You will also experience the physical death that occurred in that lifetime. This is something to be prepared for and not a session to enter into lightly. Often if time permits more than one lifetime may be explored. These sessions are helpful for many who have fears and phobias of unknown origins, or are aware that there is some ”bleed through” in this lifetime from a previous one. (This bleed through might include repeating dreams, memories, or even deja vu that might or might not include other individuals in your present life.)

The initial consultation is at about half an hour, and can be by phone, skype, or Instagram. The actual hypnosis sessions are best conducted by skype or Instagram. It is best to be in a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed, or interrupted during the session. Also using headphones with a microphone, like the ones video gamers use has proven to be helpful. Technology is a marvel, but even so, at times a connection can drop. You are completely able to come out of trance and re-establish the connection, then comfortably return to trance state. There is no chance of you getting stuck in hypnosis due to technical issues.

Some stubborn issues or long term unwanted habits may take several sessions to overcome, let’s take smoking cessation, for example. A minimum of three or four sessions is usually suggested. Of course, everyone is different and you may only need one session while your friend might need six for the same issue. This is where knowing yourself can be very useful, helping you to decide what the right amount of sessions is for you.