life coaching

A life coach is someone who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life. The coach and client work together to help the client develop a clear plan to overcome challenges, personal issues, conditions, or transitions, to succeed at a project, in business, or in relationships.  Exercises and questions inspire the client to look into themselves for the answers they already hold. The client is responsible for sticking to the plan and reporting back to the coach. Coaches do not give you advice, or tell you what to do, or act as therapists. They help you find your own answers, support you in taking action, and keep you accountable.

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I offer three different packages for sessions.

The One Month Package: Two full 45 minute sessions with a 15 minute check-in and follow-up. Cost: $300.00


The Three Month Package: Six full 45 minute sessions with five 15 minute check-ins and a follow up. Cost: $900.00 


The Six Month Package: Twelve full 45 minute sessions with eleven 15 minute check-ins and a follow up. Cost: $1,800.00


Life coaching can cover any area of life. Relationship or business coaching for example, focus on those specific areas. All coaches will help the client to believe in themselves, show them how to take control of their lives, and also motivate and uplift their clients. Spiritual coaches specialize in teaching clients to understand their life purpose, and live in alignment with their true spiritual identities.

After you select a time and day to start your coaching you will receive a welcome package via email. This will include an intake form and any worksheets you might need to have for the first session. Sessions can be held on skype, facebook, or over the phone and last 45 minutes. Full sessions are every other week, with a weekly 15 minute check-in by phone, skype, or facebook.

If you are finally ready to make powerful changes in your life let’s start that first session now.