Tarot Reveal

Tarot Reveal

Thoth deck

Take a deep breath and pick a card. Your card will reflect the “flavor” of the time frame it is chosen in, and what a time we are in right? Astrologically as we move through this period of time we might focus on what we may need to be more aware of. Mercury has just stationed and moved retrograde in the sign of Cancer. This by itself isn’t too unusual, but Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all also retrograde now as well. Retrogrades are times to review, renew, reconsider, renegotiate, relax, reevaluate, redo, and any other way of you can think of to become aware of and change perceptions on any number of issues that these planets may symbolize. For some, especially with the planet Mercury, the retrograde period is seen as one of disruption, and mix-ups, mis-communications, and breakdowns. There are times when this might be the case, but it is also an opportunity to take your time and pay close attention to what is happening and why. Things like reading and rereading a contract or rules and regulations for example are a good idea anyway, whether Mercury is retrograde or not. So take your time and pay attention right now, you can take actions to revamp or rework things now, but may want to more cautious of starting anything new that you can’t get out of later without thinking about it first.

Additionally on the 21st. there will be a New Moon and Solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer. This is a powerful degree and the inclusion of the North Node at 29 degrees is conjunct this eclipse making it even more meaningful. There would seem to be a doorway opening to change old thought patterns and move into new ways of thinking and responding to not just others, but our own selves as well. A moving from just being in your head, to also being in your heart. Perceptions about values, morals, needs, wants, boundaries, safety, and even power and authority might be changed or let go now. So go ahead and take this time to do a deep dive into some inner work on yourself, maybe start meditating or doing shadow work for instance. Then when we move direct again you can be ready to take actions that will lead to your life looking more authentic to who you really are. The deck for this reveal is the Thoth deck published by U.S.Games Systems, Inc.

The cards revealed

From left to right we have Fortune, Ace of Swords, and finally Prince of Swords. The crystals used include a Selenite candle holder, Sunstone heart, Amethyst and Golden Healer Spirit Quartz, Citrine points, Pietersite wands, Tibetan Quarts D.T. points, black Kyanite, Flourite bat, Serpentine elephant, and Moss Agate unicorn. The flowers are Sunflowers and Nasturtiums.




This card is attributed to the Planet Jupiter, and as Crowley says represents “the Universe in its aspect as a continual change of state”. If there is one constant in life it is change, and now is certainly a time for it. Jupiter is also expansive so the changes may be larger than we are ready for. Knowing that change is needed can be a good heads-up for us to prepare as much as possible for what is to come, to release what is not working, and be willing to go where the Universe wants to lead us at this time. Change can be good or bad. Though in a reading this is usually viewed as a change for the better as most come for answers when they are distressed or concerned with some matter. So if you picked this card you can expect a change for the better. Use your intuition to feel out where and when the wave of luck will wash over you and ride it to your new way of being.


Ace of Swords

This card is known as the root of the powers of Air. Air represents our thinking. This sword can be a force for good or ill, as the quote attributed to William Shakespeare “There is no good or bad but thinking makes it so”. Inherent in this card is the idea of the energy that comes forth needing to be “invoked”. One can imagine He-man and his “I have the power” cry, but what if Skeletor was wielding this sword instead? So if you picked this card you may want to be sure you know yourself, and your motivations before using the power that will be available to you to wield with your thinking and communications at this time.


Prince of Swords

This card is Air of Air. Associated with the astrological degrees between 20 Capricorn and 20 Aquarius. This card may represent a person in your life, or even yourself. In many ways this card is like the Buddhist concept of the “monkey Mind”, which is unsettled, uncontrolled, fanciful, restless, and inconsistent. It is one who builds castles in the air, but doesn’t take action to build them on the ground. There is a great intellect and the thought and ideas spring out fast and furious, but they are often destroyed or tossed aside just as quickly. Swords are two sided and can cut through dross and lead to clearing a path, or they can cut others or even yourself if you aren’t careful. So if you picked this card and it is someone in your life use your intuition to asses if they are just “all talk” and just spinning ideas, or if all their talk is trying to convince you of something that may or may not be real. If this is you then this week may be a good time to try some meditations to tame the monkey mind, or if the ideas are valuable to you then put some focus on them through an action plan. Now would be a great time to write that play or book, or research a business model, or even knit that sweater.


I hope that you have enjoyed this tarot reveal, if you found it helpful and would like a full, personalized reading please feel free to email me at april@lodestarphx.com