Historically Pendulums have been used for dowsing of everything from water to gold and other important metals, and minerals. Dowsing, also known as divining was done with many different tools. Dowsing twigs, or metal rods were often employed. Currently Pendulums seem to be winning the popularity contest for dowsing. The wide variety of attractive shapes and materials, especially crystals that pendulums can be made of is helping with their popularity.

Pendulums are also easy to use and fairly portable as well. Most people have at least heard of them, even if they haven’t used one themselves. There is a lot to like about them, and only one downside. You need to ask your questions in a yes or no format to get answers. This small inconvenience is easy enough to work with though. It can lead you to think about developing clear questions in such a way that you might find yourself gaining insight into an issue before you even start asking the questions to the pendulum.

Pendulum Board

A pendulum board is not really necessary to use a pendulum. It is a helpful accessory that might help a beginner to gain confidence more rapidly. And really they are just nice to have. I have found that some of these boards can also do double duty as a place to set up small crystal grids when not in use with the pendulum. Like pendulums, nowadays pendulum boards come in all manner of shapes, styles, and even materials. Most are set up to easily identify yes and no, and many will have a maybe, or not now (don’t want to answer) heading. Some elaborate boards may have alphabets, numbers, moon phases, seasons, or any number of other items included on them. If you can’t find one that will work for you, you could of course craft your own.

Using a Pendulum

While a pendulum is easy to use, it does require some groundwork to using it. Before you start dowsing with your pendulum you will want to program it. This is more like getting to know it than telling it how to do it’s job. You will ask it to show you yes, and to show you no. You might also want to ask questions you already know the answers to like “Is my name Jane Doe?” If that is your name then the pendulum will show you yes, if it isn’t you name it should show you no. Also ask a question you know will get a no answer as well (use the Jane Doe one if that isn’t your name). I am sure you get the point and can come up with your own yes and no questions. Most pendulums will either move toward and away from you, in an up down kind of motion, or clockwise for yes. For no most will either move from side to side, or counterclockwise. These are just the most common motions, yours may be different. As long as it moves the same way when you ask a yes question, and another way for a no question then you will know it has been “programmed”. Now you are ready to ask your real questions.


Dowsing is best done in a setting like you would use any other divination tool, be it tarot, oracle decks, or even runes. You want to be in a place where you will not be disturbed, that you find calming. If you want to set up an altar, light incense and candles, smudge yourself or your space, then please do. Whatever steps you would take to prepare to contact your higher-self or the divine should be taken.

Like other types of divination it is a good idea to refrain from asking questions if you are too upset, or emotionally charged as this might have an impact on your dowsing. It is best to place your arm on a table top, bending your elbow at a ninety degree angle. Gently hold the end of the chain, or the fob itself, allowing the pendulum to hang freely, over your pendulum board, if using one. Now concentrate and ask your question, either aloud or silently is fine. You might need to ask a whole series of questions to get the exact information you are looking for. Just remember to phrase them as yes or no types of questions.

Additional Uses

There are so many different kinds of things you could decide to look into and ask about, really the only limit will be your imagination, and ability to put a question into a yes or no format. Some people have more than one pendulum. With so many different types of pendulums available you might decide to have a Rose Quartz pendulum to do love readings with. Or maybe an Amethyst pendulum for spiritual or healing work.

Once you get comfortable with dowsing you will likely want to explore some of the other exciting things you can do with your pendulum. An example of more advanced use might be energy work, like Chakra balancing. It is a relatively simple procedure to clear and balance Chakras. It is even possible to do this from a distance. Along the same line you can do space clearing with your pendulum as well. It really is a wonderful, multi-functional tool to have at your disposal.

Pendulum Kits

Lodestar Phoenix currently has pendulum kits available that include a unique pendulum, a pendulum board, a storage bag, and a downloadable PDF guide book for $25.00. You get to choose your very own pendulum and board to go with it. 

Pendulums are clear quartz, rose quartz, or amethyst with a variety of fobs to choose from. Some fob options include: shell, coral, and pearl, skull bead, jasper, fluorite chips, coral and bone skull bead, howlite, and turquoise and skull bone bead.

Custom leatherette Mat types: Circular Moon Phase Mat or Square All Seeing Eye Mat. Colors available: black/tan, gray/black, sand/black, oxblood/black and deep blue/black.

Please contact April at with any questions you may have.


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