December New Moon

New Moon in Sagittarius

This week the Sun will be conjunct the Moon at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. This New Moon will also form a square aspect to Mars conjunct Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces. This can be a challenging aspect, but often the challenges that are encountered lead to finding a resolution, or fixing a problem. It may seem like the challenges drive you to come up with solutions. Mars being in Pisces conjunct Neptune may take some of the rawness, or anger out of this driving force. It may just turn the drive toward helping others, or using our energies to fight for a cause or ideal instead of our egos. With Neptune involved being sure that we are clear on who we are fighting for and why is something to be aware of. Are we simply going to be fighting to keep our family healthy during a flu outbreak, or are we going to a protest march to show support for or anger about something?

Mutable Signs

Sagittarius is the truth seeker,  as well as the freedom seeker. Sagittarius can also be idealistic, and also changeable, and boisterous among other things. Pisces, like Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning they easily change their minds, especially when presented with new ideas that make sense to them. Sagittarius’ element is fire and Pisces is water so how they explore and come to new conclusions, and transform their beliefs and points of view may be slightly different. Fire can be excitable, and water can be hard to hold to one position in the first place. They can both be counted on to change and adjust though no matter how fast or slow they manage it.

Fixed Star

The energy is accentuated by the new moon also being conjunct the fixed star Ras Algethi. According to the website Constellations of Words , it is a double star and both irregularly variable, 3.1 to 3.9 and 5 to 7 orange, red and bluish green in the head of the kneeling man. This kneeling man is the constellation Hercules. It is said to posses a character of Mars-Venus with a blend of Mercury. The influence of the constellation of Hercules according to Ptolemy is said to be like Mercury. Strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter of Daleth and the fourth Tarot Trump The Emperor.

Emperor Trump

The Tarot card the Emperor seems appropriate for this period of time. It is traditionally associated with the planet Mars, and the element of fire. Some keywords for this card are authority, power, law and order, father figure, and leadership. When this card shows up it typically means that you are experiencing stability and security, things are under your control, you are in a position to set up your own boundaries, and rules. You have a solid foundation and are in the drivers seat so to speak. The reversed card might point to either a loss of this type of position, or being manipulated by others. Reversed it could also show someone being a control freak, or the other end of the spectrum as a lack of discipline. Figuring out how this fiery, dynamic card might be expressing for this period of time could include looking at where Mars is and what it is doing. It is in Pisces, and conjunct Neptune. This might soften some of the harsher meanings, but also call for care against manipulation or losing control.

New Moon

As a New Moon it is the perfect time for some magick. Any rituals or spells that are for anything new or that you might like to start, drawing magick, growth, or increase. This is also the perfect time for any cleansing of yourself, your home, your altar, or tools, physically cleansing as well as any ritual cleansing that might be needed or wanted. This is also a good time for dedicating or re-dedicating tools, altars, yourself if desired or needed. A New Moon can also be used for enacting a rite of passage. With the mutable sign energy now recognizing a change in your life like a change in what life stage you are in would be appropriate. In addition to honoring any changes that have happened, now is a good time to set intentions for changes you would like to have happen. If you are thinking of planting literal seeds now, wait for the full moon to plant perennials.

Temperance Trump

Sagittarius is associated with the Tarot card Temperance. Temperance keywords include connecting with your higher self, or guides, alchemy, balance, moderation, and harmony. This card is of the fire element, and associated with the planet Jupiter (Jupiter rules Sagittarius). This card is about learning to avoid extremes, as well as maintaining a sense of calm. I particularly love the association with alchemy for this card, this can include balancing or blending any aspects of your life to make it more enjoyable.  Reversed this card may point to disharmony, or an imbalance, also a lack of patience, or a need for any one of these in your life.


Magick for healing the Sagittarius ruled parts of the body in particular like the thighs, pelvis, and liver are good right now. Spells and rituals for anything related to travel, publishing, or even legal issues are timely. This is good energy to help us aim for and reach goals, start new things, transform, and evolve.  Expansion, growth, movement, and with the fire element the ability to burn away the unwanted, or burn through barriers or obstacles. Colors to use include reds. Metal is tin. Crystals include Diamond, Azurite, Lapis Lazul, Topaz, Sapphire,  Pyrite, and Amethyst. The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer, the Centaur, and the arrow. Animals for this sign include the horse, lion, and centaur. Plants include carnation, pink clover, sage, mulberry, chestnut, rose hips, sugar cane, rhubarb, mint, apricots, and almonds.

Last New Moon of the Year

This is going to be the last New Moon of the year for 2018, so it would be wise to use it. Direct your energy and focus toward clearing away the old, unwanted, and anything else holding you back or keeping you stuck. Replace this stuff with fresh, new intentions for not just the rest of this month, but for the new year ahead. If you choose to take aim with the archer energy you could ride the centaur to entirely as yet unexplored territory for yourself.

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