New Moon

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon will be exact on this Wednesday, November 7th 2018, at 11:03 A.M. E.S.T. at 15 degrees Scorpio. Classically the sign of Scorpio was ruled by Mars, but once Pluto was discovered many gave over Scorpio’s rulership to it. Keywords from both planets such as action and transformation fit very nicely with this sign and it’s watery nature. In fact Scorpio’s element is water, it’s modality is fixed, and it’s polarity is feminine. Key concepts for this sign include experiencing deep, transformational emotional connections; death and rebirth. This sign is said to rule the reproductive organs and the bowels of the human body.

Totem Animals

The way I learned it, Scorpio has three totem animals, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. These animals represent the different stages of Scorpionic evolution. The unevolved Scorpio would readily sting, the more evolved Scorpio could fly high and had the vision of the Eagle, and a highly evolved Scorpio had the magic and power to transform and rebirth themself, the power of alchemy like a Phoenix. In more recent times it seems Scorpio now has seven or eight stages represented by different totem animals, but the idea remains the same, this sign can become incredibly wise, compassionate, and powerful multidimensional beings. They do need to do the “work” of self- reflection and improvement to reach the higher evolutionary stages though, it is not just given to them.

Scorpio Magic

Magic, and alchemy are themselves very scorpionic. As is psychic ability, dreams, all kinds of secret or hidden things, hypnotism, mediumship, communing with Deity, reincarnation, and self-improvement. Scorpio colors are intense colors like black, and red. Crystals like Topaz, Aquamarine, Malachite, Obsidian, Tourmaline, and Opal resonate with Scorpio energy. Herbs like Holly, Yew, Wormwood, Vanilla, Tobacco, Patchouli, Nightshade, Morning glory, Hemlock, Datura, Foxglove, Bloodroot, Black and Blue Cohosh, Chrysanthemum, Blackthorn, Belladonna, Blackberry, Pomegranate, and Basil are Scorpio herbs and plants. Obviously some of these need to be handled with care.

New Moon

A new moon is the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. Releasing old patterns and habits, and starting new healthy ones would be ideal at this time. Planting seeds, both figuratively and literally is perfect for this phase of the moon. If literally planting seeds, consider things like leafy greens and cabbages(depending on your planting zone), and if you have a greenhouse or not you might be surprised by what you can plant now.  Magic for drawing, for growth, and increase, any new beginnings, or improvements are favored now. Cleaning and purification are also good things to undertake at this time, more so if you are washing away the old to allow space, or a clean slate for the new. Many rituals will begin in just this kind of way, with a bath so you are physically clean. These kinds of pre-ritual baths will often include herbs and salts to also clean your energetic body as well. This bath time is also used to release any emotions that might interfere with the magic you are about to perform. No need to wait for a ritual to take a healing or cleansing bath, anytime you feel that you might benefit from one is a perfect time. There are even some Spells that can be done in the bath if you feel called.

Money Bath Spell

A simple Spell to increase money calls for some coins (I like to use 9 silver coins, that have been cleaned first), 3 green or gold candles, and then your choice of honey or sugar. With the sugar I suggest mixing it with a small amount of castile soap to make a scrub beforehand. Clean your coins, smudge yourself, light candles, fill tub with warm water and coins. Then you get into the tub and either use the sugar scrub or honey, rubbing your skin with it to sweeten yourself to the money. For extra oomph you could float some cinnamon sticks in the tub too, or add a pouch filled with herbs like cinnamon, basil, and bay leaves. Take your time and visualize money and whatever else means wealth for you as being attracted to you, filling your tub, being drawn to you. A simple “money, money, money come to me, as I will so mote it be” could be chanted. Once you feel satisfied then empty the bath, put out the candles, and collect the coins to keep on your altar. Ideally this bath is repeated at least once a week through the full moon, three baths total. But even just one might be enough to do the trick you won’t know unless you try it out.


While we are in the bathroom there is a somewhat less glamorous spell that can be done if you are looking to get rid of or release something from your life at this time. This really couldn’t be simpler, you need a candle, something to write with and some toilet paper. Light the candle, write all the things you want to release down onto the toilet paper. State “I am flushing this away, right now, today!” Flush the toilet paper and extinguish the candle. If you have trouble writing on the paper, using symbols, or initials, whatever you can manage to represent what you want to release is fine. This might seem silly, but it is surprisingly effective.

Sowing the Seed

Once you have decided what you want, whether it is releasing something, or starting something new, then you have taken some action toward that, you are sowing the seed. These seeds often grow to fruition by the full moon. It might take more time if you are making big changes or have planted seeds for large dreams. But as long as you know what you want and take even small steps toward making it happen then before you know it your world will seem changed. Even something as small as making a vision board, or doing a simple spell will be a step in the right direction. Now of course you still have to do real world work for what you want too, you need to put in applications if looking for a new job, and telling others you are looking could be helpful as well. But the more steps you take, and seeds you plant the quicker and healthier your garden will grow.


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