Full Moon

The full moon on the 24th will be in the sign of Taurus. The moon in classical astrology is said to be the “Crescent of the Soul, the soul receives and holds the spirit”. It represents femininity, women, motherhood, the past, source, heredity, the subconscious, as well as intuition. It is where we feel and experience emotions. Memory, the past, habits and conditioning. It is responsible for actions that do not need conscious thought, like lighting yet another cigarette, or your nightly facial care regime.

Psychologically it is our unconscious nature, feminine archetypes, the anima. It urges us to seek emotional tranquility and a sense of belonging. There is a need to feel inner support and nurturing, to be comforted. There can also be a drive to comfort, support, nurture, or mother others. Physically the moon is said to rule the stomach, breasts, body fluids and their balance in the body, digestion, lymph nodes and glandular secretions. It rules all containers, including our bodies as containers of the soul.

The moon might also be seen as symbolic of women, the public, and change due to it cycling through its phases every month. The moon sign in your natal chart reveals your feminine side, for both females and males.

Moon, magic and manifesting

The full moon is often about realizing and manifesting the intentions you set at the new moon. Personal growth and spiritual development are common themes to work with when the moon is full. Spells to increase intuition, or magical skills, healing magic, and rituals to connect to deity.

If you are wanting to magically represent or work with the moon and it’s energies using crystals, then moonstone, clear quartz, Selenite, Labradorite, opal, and metals like silver are appropriate. Pearl, abalone, and white coral with their origin in the oceans have a lunar energy. You need to decide for yourself though if working with these once living substances is for you or not.

White, silver, and pale blue are among the best colors to use for any candles or cloths or other items you might decide to use. Almond, Clary sage, and Orris root are a few choices for fragrances, either fumigating by burning the plant material, as incense, or essential oils used in an oil diffuser.  

Some other lunar plants include flowers like moonflowers, night jasmine, lotus, iris, passionflower, poppy, evening primrose, mallow, mugwort, milkweed, also plants like aloe, wild yam, cucumber, and melons.

Moon in Taurus

This particular full moon will be in the sign Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and as such is concerned with sustaining and maintaining. It is also concerned with issues of self-worth. As an earth sign Taurus likes to ground things in the physical, creating tangible representations of lasting beauty and value. It likes slow, steady, progressive growth. Planets in this sign become slower, more deliberate, grounded in the physical and desiring a more tangible means of expression than in many other signs.

This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, and the Moon is exalted here. Its symbol is the bull. It rules the neck, throat, and voice. Crafting and chanting could easily be used in magic work at this time to good effect. Sage and mint are two good herbs for Taurus. Oils, and incense like ylang ylang, cardamom, and cinnamon would be good choices.

Intentional healing

I will be focusing on healing work myself this full moon. I am planning to charge some crystal jewelry for myself and others with the intention of healing, as well as making a poppet or two. Writing the intention and placing the crystals on this list, stuffing the list into the poppet, along with appropriate herbs and chanting over them in the moonlight should be very powerful.

I think something similar for an intention like increasing creativity, or artistic productivity, or even drawing more money from such projects would be successful at this full moon.

Whatever intentions you set, spells or rituals you do make sure to have fun with it, and in the spirit of Taurus, enjoy it.

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