Tarot Tuesday May 28th.

Tarot Tuesday

Take a moment and take a deep breath. Get centered, and grounded, then pick a card. By get centered I mean to get calm, focused, and to be present in the moment.  By get grounded I mean to uncross your feet and arms, with feet flat on the floor. It is also beneficial if you can quickly imagine roots shooting down from your root Chakra and feet into the Earth. Allow these roots to anchor you in a supportive way that neutralizes negativity and draws up nurturing Earth energy for stability. Sometimes more than one  breath is needed to feel ready. Often three nice, slow, deep breaths are just right. Do what feels best for you…

When you feel ready pick the card that you feel the most drawn to. I am using crystal pendulums this week as markers, and I will include them in the following mini-readings. From left to right the pendulums are Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst. The deck this week is the Universal Waite published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. In this deck the drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been recolored by artist Mary Hanson-Roberts.

The Reveal

From left to right we have Rose Quartz above the Page of Pentacles, Smoky Quartz above the Four of Cups, and Amethyst above the Ace of Cups. Pay attention to your initial reaction when you see the card that you were drawn to. You may feel differently after the mini-reading, or you may not. The first step in developing your intuition is to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Once you are comfortable with identifying how you are reacting, or how your intuition is speaking to you, then you can further strengthen and use this awareness.

Rose Quartz

This silicon dioxide crystal is a variety of the Quartz family found all around the world. Rose quartz is called the heart stone, it corresponds to the heart chakra. This stone is also said to inspire love and beauty in all forms. Used for developing or attracting loving relationships with others, and even the self. In divination this stone is about forgiving yourself, and not allowing others to lay blame on you that you do not deserve. This stone also serves to help nurture a positive self-image, release emotional wounds, and learn to joyfully give and receive love. In divination Rose Quartz suggests that it is time to forgive yourself for past mistakes, and to ensure that you are not taking on the blame for others.

Page of Pentacles

This card is a court card in the Minor Arcana suit of Pentacles. It carries the energy of Earth of Earth, with an astrological correspondence to the Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. The image is of a youth holding a pentacle aloft  surrounded by the yellow-sky representing the Life-Breath. This card might represent an actual young person in your life, or it may just be a message that you will receive. Some keywords and ideas for this card include work, practicality, natural student, money, finances, growth, nature, and disciplined, responsible, and diplomatic. It may be that this card is a young person in your life that you can assist with learning some Earth lessons, or it could be messages that you are receiving that you learn some Earth lessons from this week.

Smoky Quartz

This is another silicon dioxide mineral variety of Quartz. Readily found all around the world. Yet many crystals on the market are clear Quartz that have been treated with x-rays, or radium to turn the crystals dark. It is the national gem of Scotland. It is used by metaphysical practitioners to ground, shield, and protect. It is known to activate and purify the Root Chakra, and is used in many healing tools and grid layouts. It is also used to protect the Earth Chakra that is slightly below the feet. In divination this stone suggests that any worries that have been around for some time are finally going to be improving, even if it seems they do so slowly.

Four of Cups

This card is the fourth card in the suit of cups in the Minor Arcana. It carries the astrological energy of Moon in Cancer and the modality and element of cardinal water. The image shows a figure sitting cross-legged and with arms crossed under a tree. There is a hand emerging from a cloud offering a cup, and three cups in the foreground. Fours are about foundations, stability, balance and authority. Cups represent the  emotions, intuition, creativity, and subconscious. Some keywords and concepts for this card include opportunities offered, contemplating a decision, dissatisfaction, passivity, brooding, inaction, or indecision. If you have been drawn to this card this week you may have been procrastinating on taking action or making a decision because you don’t feel emotionally ready, or emotionally satisfied about what your choices or the opportunities are. With the cups involved it may be that  mood is holding you back from thinking clearly. Create a pros and cons list so you can look at things in a more rational way. Remember that usually once we take some action even if small things start to feel better emotionally. Even coming to a decision can sometimes be enough of an action to start feeling better in a situation.


Amethyst is a variety of quartz made up of silicone dioxide, it gets its color from iron and aluminum deposits as well as natural irradiation. Found in places like Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia, U.S.A. and Europe. It has a long history of use by humans. For some it was merely decorative, but the ancient Greeks were known to use it as  protection against drunkenness. It has also been known for it’s healing and protective properties. It resonates with the Crown Chakra, and helps connect it to the Third Eye, or Brow Chakra (Ajna Chakra). It is called the “All- healer” and said to be one the most effective for healing plants, animals, and people. It is a calming and soothing stone. Dreaming of this stone is a good omen as it is said to mean that you are safe, or free from harm (or will be safe and free from harm if you are not currently). In divination this stone means that you will be able to be satisfied with things as they are without need for extremes.

Ace of Cups

This card is the Ace card from the Cups suit in the Minor Arcana. It is the element of Water, with astrological correspondence to Cancer and Cardinal in the Suit of Water, Scorpio and fixed modality, and Pisces and Mutable modality. The image is of a hand emerging from the clouds holding a golden chalice overflowing with four streams of water into a lily pond with a dove dropping a Communion host into the center of the cup. Cups element of water equates to emotions and feelings, as well as intuition, and creativity. Aces are all about the new, new beginnings of all kinds. This card is most often an indicator for new love coming into your life. This may be a new romance, but it may also be a new art project. Anything that activates the feeling of love, and stimulates the flow of intuition, nurturing, and creativity could be considered. If you were drawn to this card this week expect to enjoy a new phase of loving energy flowing into your life.

I hope that this mini-reading has been helpful for you. If you have any questions about this, or would like to book a full personalized reading please feel free to contact me at april@lodestarphx.com