Rapid Fire Tarot Reading $45.00

15 minute reading.

A short overview of situation, good for those with specific questions.


Basic Tarot Reading $60.00

30 minute reading.

A general overview of your present situation and a look into one or two topics of importance.


Beyond Basic Tarot Reading $85.00

45 minute reading.

A general overview, and a deeper look into several topics of importance to you.


Standard Tarot Reading $120.00

60 minute reading.

A general overview of  present situation, and a deep look into complex questions or topics of importance to you.


Email Readings

If you want to review your reading at your own pace and time, with the ability to refer back to it when you like, an email reading might be for you.


3 Card Past, Present, and Future Tarot Reading $30.00

An overview of the situation or question along a timeline of the past, present circumstances, and likely future outcomes.


Celtic Cross Tarot Reading $65.00

A traditional celtic cross tarot spread of ten cards with a wealth of information that easily can be applied to just about any question or situation.


Horoscope Tarot Reading $90.00

A twelve card spread, with each card representing a horoscope house. This spread touches on twelve different areas of life.


Runic Readings


3 Rune Action, Challenge, and Overview Rune Reading $30.00

Three rune spread that offers an overview of the issue, information on the challenge involved with the issue, and the course of action called for.


Five Rune Spread $50.00

This spread provides insight into complex situations with an eye to how the issue will change over time.


Nine Worlds Rune Reading $90.00

Nine runes are used in this Yggdrasil system tree spread. This deep-dive spread looks at the three levels of consciousness (root, animus, anima). Any runes representing the nine worlds in the original runic spread could be chosen to analyze in even greater detail. This is especially good to focus on any unsettling findings the reading may have exposed.